Roger Sherman completed building his house

“The house was completed in 1770, in which year Mr. Sherman moved into it. Within its walls, preceding the Revolution, were held many discussions as to the best manner of meeting the impending difficulties with the mother country; and here, doubtless, were considered the outlines of various articles, the substance of which at length appeared in the United States Constitution, of which Roger Sherman was one of the framers.”
excerpt from, “Yale and the City of Elms,” by William Emery Decrow, 1882. (Top) Photo courtesy of, “Sherman genealogy… the descendants of Honorable Roger Sherman,” by Thomas Townsend Sherman, 1920

“The original house stood on the present site of the Union League Club, 1032 Chapel Street. Subsequently Sherman built another house on the same home lot, a little westward, 1050 Chapel Street, now occupied by stores, where he lived and died in 1793.”
-excerpt from, “the Fourteenth Annual Congress,” April 30 and May 1, 1903, New Haven, Conn. by Sons of the American Revolution. (Above) Image courtesy of, “Roger Sherman – A Connecticut Man – A Maker of the Nation,” by R. Eston Phyfe, A. B., Vice-Principal and Teacher of History at the Hartford High School, published in The Connecticut Magazine, Volume 7, 1901

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