Richard Platt lot in 1641

"The lot on which the [Old Sherman House] stood appears on the map of 1641, one of the earliest recorded maps in the history of the New Haven colony, and was known as the 'Richard Platt' lot. In 1761, one hundred and twenty years later, the property was sold to Roger Sherman."-Excerpt courtesy of, "The… Continue reading Richard Platt lot in 1641

Roger Sherman swapped land with a neighbor

"Both the original Nine Squares plan and the subdivision were designed with a clear, fixed plan in mind. But it took over sixty years to fully recognize the plan they laid out in 1784. Visitors to the city near 1800 could still remark that only 'most' of the squares were divided by cross streets. High… Continue reading Roger Sherman swapped land with a neighbor

A House, Barn, Home Lot and Orchard

"The land has been in residential use for most of its recorded history. As early as 1641, a 'house, barn, home lot and orchard' belonged to Richard Platt. It passed from him to John Benham and then to Joseph Benham. In 1670 the the property, approximating two acres, was deeded to Samuel Street for 27… Continue reading A House, Barn, Home Lot and Orchard