Dream for a Theater District Coming True, by Kristi Vaughn

Showmanship and patience have paid off for Joel Schiavone, who for five years has cultivated an image as the man who could save New Haven's downtown, have fun and make a fortune doing it. "Joel Schiavone, New Haven's flashiest developer, has proved that showmanship is as much an ingredient of success as business sense." -Image… Continue reading Dream for a Theater District Coming True, by Kristi Vaughn

The Town Crier, by George Wickstrom

At 88, Charles Carll Recalls Varied Career; Goes to Colleges via Radio "Tomorrow will be the 88th birthday anniversary of Charles T. Carll, 1604 Twenty-second street, Rock Island. Like all men who have had a long and active life, Mr. Carll looks backward a great deal. His roots go deep in America's political and economic… Continue reading The Town Crier, by George Wickstrom

Hyperion Theater To Be Rebuilt

Will Demolish Old House and Replace with Beautiful Structure. "The Hyperion Theater at New Haven, one of the twenty-five theaters owned by S. Z. Poli, is to be rebuilt. The theater will close on Saturday, April 26, and on the following Monday the work of demolishing the interior of the structure will begin. It is… Continue reading Hyperion Theater To Be Rebuilt

The Knights of St. Patrick and the Hyperion Cigar

Kilfeather was a native of Fair Haven. He learned the cigar manufacturing business at an early age and when 18 started his own business. At that time he was the youngest cigar manufacturer in the east. This is the public record of John P. Kilfeather, knight of St. Patrick, battler of organized labor, who named his signature New Haven-made cigar the Hyperion.

Los Angeles Steam Plant No. 3

"The marvelous electrical development of Los Angeles has reached a climax in the installation of the great turbo-generator at Station No. 3 of the Edison Electric Company, on Avenue 23 and East Main street, and its accompanying equipment. It is three times the largest steam turbine unit on the Pacific Coast, and so vast in… Continue reading Los Angeles Steam Plant No. 3

Looking Back to the Days When our Connecticut Drummers Discovered What “Pep” Means to Business, by James A. Howard

How the C.C.T.A. Was Formed and What Its Gatherings Did to Promote Good Fellowship and Better Tactics of Salesmanship - Dinner at Babcock's Hostelry at Niantic and the Episode of the Watermelons Something to Remember - A Reminiscence Which Shows That "Pep" Gatherings of Today's Business Men Are Far From New "Forty one years ago,… Continue reading Looking Back to the Days When our Connecticut Drummers Discovered What “Pep” Means to Business, by James A. Howard

Spaghetti Palace Jester Entertains Patrons, by Dick Bothwell

"Next time you're in the neighborhood of Big Bayou, stranger, drop in at Joe and Lee's - the Spaghetti Palace whose proprietor is also court jester without a care in the world. He keeps the customers happy with music, songs and laughter, this ex-vaudeville star whom a lady customer describes as 'a vivid little man.'… Continue reading Spaghetti Palace Jester Entertains Patrons, by Dick Bothwell