Dream for a Theater District Coming True, by Kristi Vaughn

Showmanship and patience have paid off for Joel Schiavone, who for five years has cultivated an image as the man who could save New Haven's downtown, have fun and make a fortune doing it. "Joel Schiavone, New Haven's flashiest developer, has proved that showmanship is as much an ingredient of success as business sense." -Image… Continue reading Dream for a Theater District Coming True, by Kristi Vaughn

Hyperion Theater To Be Rebuilt

Will Demolish Old House and Replace with Beautiful Structure. "The Hyperion Theater at New Haven, one of the twenty-five theaters owned by S. Z. Poli, is to be rebuilt. The theater will close on Saturday, April 26, and on the following Monday the work of demolishing the interior of the structure will begin. It is… Continue reading Hyperion Theater To Be Rebuilt

Prof. Bristol’s Equescurriculum.

"Prof. D. M. Bristol's equescurriculum will begin at the Hyperion to-night. The Boston Herald says: 'Boston has seen some wonderful performances of educated horses, but never any which surpasses the one under direction of Prof. Bristol, now at the Globe Theater. The tricks and antics of these horses are simply amazing.'"-Excerpt courtesy of the Library… Continue reading Prof. Bristol’s Equescurriculum.

The Improvements Completed

A Vast Change in the Appearance of the Hyperion -- An Opera House Second to None -- One of the Best and Largest in the Country. "A grand change has taken place in the appearance of the Hyperion theater since the last season came to a close, and as the old theater people have been… Continue reading The Improvements Completed

Bunnell Takes It.

Leases Carll's Opera House For A Term of Years -- Will Run Bunnell's Museum The Same As Before Also. "Manager Bunnell is enthusiastic over his lease of the Carll Opera House, which he perfected yesterday. The lease runs a term of several years. He intends to put in a large amount of new scenery at… Continue reading Bunnell Takes It.

The Theater of New England

Manager G. B. Bunnell's Wonderful Achievements -- And the New Grand is to be Beautiful Even More Next Season -- The Hyperion Will Also be Transformed. "New Haven is fast becoming a theater-going city. If some of the older people of the city could be present at the Hyperion on the evening of a first… Continue reading The Theater of New England

New Haven Photographer David Ottenstein documents a disappearing era, by Michael Harvey

"The demolition of the Hyperion Theater was the turning point in the work of New Haven photographer David Ottenstein. In 1998 the old downtown concert hall, which in its opulent days had showcased everything from the music of Charles Ives to the Floradora two-act comedy, was collapsing and due to be razed. Architect Richard Turlington… Continue reading New Haven Photographer David Ottenstein documents a disappearing era, by Michael Harvey