Downtown Alive, by Kenneth R. Gosselin

New Haven Center Has Economic Vitality -- But It Doesn't Ripple Far -Image courtesy of, Hartford Courant, Sunday, January 8, 2012 "What Sukh Grewal sees in New Haven now he has seen before, working in Silicon Valley in the early 1980s: a vibrancy that is making the downtown a center of technological innovation. 'It's… Continue reading Downtown Alive, by Kenneth R. Gosselin

Bunnell Takes It.

Leases Carll's Opera House For A Term of Years -- Will Run Bunnell's Museum The Same As Before Also. "Manager Bunnell is enthusiastic over his lease of the Carll Opera House, which he perfected yesterday. The lease runs a term of several years. He intends to put in a large amount of new scenery at… Continue reading Bunnell Takes It.

The Republican League Purchases the Club House on Chapel Street

A Meeting of the Members to Ratify the Committee's Action -- Extensive Repairs to be Made. "Yesterday a very important purchase of property was made, being the purchase of the club house of the Republican league by its members, the consideration being $25,000. Dr. Winchell, who held the property on a mortgage, and Thomas R.… Continue reading The Republican League Purchases the Club House on Chapel Street

The Theater of New England

Manager G. B. Bunnell's Wonderful Achievements -- And the New Grand is to be Beautiful Even More Next Season -- The Hyperion Will Also be Transformed. "New Haven is fast becoming a theater-going city. If some of the older people of the city could be present at the Hyperion on the evening of a first… Continue reading The Theater of New England

A map of the plan of New Haven when there were only 157 houses, drawn by Joseph Brown

"General George H. Ford has in this week's Chronicle an illustrated article on 'Roger Sherman and His New Haven Home,' which is extremely interesting, as well as instructive. It relates to the Roger Sherman house, a quotation being given from the town records of New Haven obtained by General Ford, defining the plot purchased by… Continue reading A map of the plan of New Haven when there were only 157 houses, drawn by Joseph Brown

Union League Club, 1032 Chapel Street, 1902. Richard Williams.

"Another dignified, well-made building standing empty. Its design distinguished by a clean-cut layering of brick planes, this is the sort of undemonstrative but cultivated architecture that gives urbanity to city streets. When it was new it enhanced the whole block; it might still do so if it were cleaned up. Originally there was a grass… Continue reading Union League Club, 1032 Chapel Street, 1902. Richard Williams.

Another Big Hotel Rumor

"It is rumored that a syndicate composed of New Yorkers will in the near future erect on Chapel street, at the corner of Chapel and College street, directly opposite the Yale campus, a $3,000,000 ten story hotel. The matter is yet merely a rumor, and may prove as visionary as have some of the other… Continue reading Another Big Hotel Rumor